Living Generously Through the Funding the Mission Plan


For generations, Nazarenes have supported the World Evangelism Fund. Working together, we accomplish so much as the Body of Christ. Become a part of missions work and partner with the Church of the Nazarene to make Christlike disciples in the nations. In the Funding the Mission plan, the World Evangelism Fund is the vehicle through which we deliver the message of hope – and your church drives that mission.

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Track Giving

When your church or district gives toward the World Evangelism Fund or a Mission Special, those amounts are recorded here, in the church’s or district's profile. Pastors, treasurers, district officers, and other record-keepers can log into Funding the Mission to not only look at those records, but to check on allocation giving goals and Point-to-Point giving, as well as to securely transfer funds to the General Treasurer’s Office.

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Want to buy supplies for a church start-up in Africa? Take a Work & Witness trip to Quito? Collect Crisis Care Kits? Your participation in Mission Specials and Ten Percent Projects is a valued part of our mission heritage. We recognize that together we achieve much more than any individual church could alone. The Church of the Nazarene is a connectional church – from Guatemala’s Verapaz del Norte to Norway and from Nairobi to Nebraska – churches supporting churches!

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Planning Calculator

Need to calculate exactly how what your church’s goals are for World Evangelism Fund, Pensions & Benefits, Education and your district goals? Visit the Planning Calculator by clicking here.


Frequently Asked Questions & Contact Us

Have a question and aren’t sure where to take it? If you’re a church using the Funding the Mission application, try our Frequently Asked Questions to find your answer. If you’re an individual with specific questions, just use our Contact Us page to get in touch. In either case, we’d love to hear from you.


Changing Lives

Giving Trends

Since 1980, changes to the World Evangelism Fund formula have significantly decreased contributions to this fund. This plan is no different – most churches will realize more resources on a local level.

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See It For Yourself

Nazarenes around the world are directly affected by church support of the World Evangelism Fund. Harmon's personal story is an example of one such life.

Generations of Giving

Thank you for generations of giving to the worldwide ministry of the Church of the Nazarene.