Outline of the Plan

Receiving the Offering

Donors give offerings, both designated and undesignated contributions, to their local church to be used by the church board to accomplish the mission of the church. Under the new plan, pastors are encouraged to communicate regularly from the pulpit about each offering's contribution to global mission.


Offerings will be counted and recorded by the counting committee as they always have been. Monies received for World Evangelism Fund or Mission Specials are recorded and reported as usual. The reporting application has a field for total income as well as fields for amounts submitted to:

  • World Evangelism Fund
  • Mission Specials
  • P&B (in the USA only)
  • EDU (in the USA only)

The Ten Percent Endorsement

Ten Percent giving is an endorsement of particular ministries and projects in our global church. These ministries and projects called Mission Specials provide an opportunity for churches and individuals to support specific ministries while providing a form of recognition for their ministry support. Recognition is recorded when the funds are reconciled in Global Treasury Services.

Reaching Around the World

Giving to Mission Specials through the Ten Percent giving program allows our seven world regions to facilitate ministry far beyond what the World Evangelism Fund can resource. Any funds given to Mission Specials are subtracted from total church income before percentages are applied for allocations.

Point-to-Point Giving

Point-to-Point Giving is a method of recording Ten Percent recognition for cash gifts and non-cash gifts that are not funneled through Global Treasury Services. This method should be used for special circumstances in which a local church sends a gift directly to a Mission Special. For example, a church that operates a Compassionate Ministry Center can receive recognition for the funds it provides without the need to send the funds through Global Treasury Services.

Personal Gifts

Individuals who give to global missions or ministries directly through Global Treasury Services or the online giving pages may designate a local church for giving credit. The local church receives giving credit. Its associated income has no affect on allocations as long as the gift is for World Evangelism Fund or Mission Specials.