Recognitions and Ten Percent

A Genuine Thank You

Historically, the denominational center has distributed to churches around the world a variety of honors for raising mission funds. While neither churches nor pastors seek this praise, the denominational center will not allow the sacrifice and generosity of churches to go unnoticed. Without individual churches dedicating themselves to the spread of the gospel around the world, the Church of the Nazarene as a whole would not be able to reach out to the various work areas that it does today. Thank God for the spirit of generosity that prevails in Nazarene churches around the globe!

World Evangelism Certificates

In the Funding the Mission giving plan, the Board of General Superintendents and the General Board ask local churches to give at least 5.5% of total church income to theWorld Evangelism Fund. Churches that reach or give beyond that goal are recognized as follows:

  • World Evangelism Church: Churches that give the base goal of 5.5% of their income to the World Evangelism Fund and meet all other allocation goals (formerly recognized as Faithful Stewards Churches).
  • World Evangelism Church of Excellence: Churches that give at least 5.7% of their income (or exceed the 5.5% goal by $1,500) to the World Evangelism Fund. World Evangelism Fund giving beyond 5.5% invests in new world areas and opportunities.

Ten Percent Certificates

Local churches that give 10% of their income to missions as well as meet their allocation goals are recognized with the Mission 10 certificate. Ten Percent giving is calculated using the combined giving to the World Evangelism Fund and Mission Specials. Churches’ giving to Mission Specials (specific needs in the field) has always been generous. Between 1958 and 2008, more than half a billion dollars was given to Mission Specials alone. When churches choose to give money to a Mission Special – from Jesus for a New Generation, to Child Sponsorship, to World Mission Broadcast – those funds help meet the Ten Percent goal. To learn more about giving to Ten Percent Mission Specials, click here. Churches are recognized as follows:

  • Mission 10 Church: Churches that give 10% or more of local church income to the World Evangelism Fund and approved Mission Specials as well as meet all other allocation goals (formerly recognized as Honor Roll Churches). Mission 10 Churches are tracked and recognized for the number of consecutive years of achievement.
  • Mission 15, 20, 25, 30 and beyond: Some generous churches give far more to the global mission, even more than 50% of their annual income. Their generosity, as well as the number of consecutive years the church has reached Mission 10 or above status, is reflected on the recognition certificate.

Ten Percent Mission Specials

Giving to Mission Specials in the last 50 years exceeds a half billion dollars – that’s eight zeroes. By choosing to exempt funds raised for Ten Percent projects – from Jesus for a New Generation to World Mission Broadcast – our churches can support the projects of their choice.