Our Mission Heritage

The Key Mission Investment

The Church of the Nazarene is a connectional church. Local churches around the world combine resources to fund global initiatives. The World Evangelism Fund is the key investment in mission. It operates global mission from regional offices to 57 educational institutions, from church planting to Work and Witness teams, from the worldwide ministry of general superintendents to creative access outreach, and from missionaries to global NMI, SDMI, and NYI ministries.

What Changed in 2005

The 2005 General Assembly mandated the creation of a “tithe concept” formula for raising funds based on current-year income. As has been the case with every budget formula change in the last 30 years, a larger percentage of resources will stay at the local level. Seventy-five percent of USA churches will enjoy utilizing more resources locally.

Living on Less … Corporately

While the new formula allocates about $13.5 million (USD) less to WEF than the old formula (a 25 percent decrease), our global mission is becoming more effective. The Church of the Nazarene will thrive, as it has now for more than 100 years, by the generosity of its churches and members.