Designation Gift Policy

Integrity of funds

The Church of the Nazarene policy encourages designated funds to be used toward the purpose for which they were raised. Designated giving policies within local churches are designed to establish how designated funds will be used as well as notify donors of these facts. A designated giving policy should provide notice to donors that percentages of their gifts will be given toward the allocation goals of the church. Click here to learn more about allocation goals.

Balancing global and local initiatives

We believe that when God blesses us he intends for us to also bless others in return. Because of this ideology, many churches choose to give a portion of funds they raise to missions opportunities. In accordance with our mission to make Christlike disciples in the nations, churches planning a campaign to raise funds for a designated purpose must decide in advance if the goal will include a contribution to the global mission. Donors should be notified of this so that the church can retain the utmost integrity.

A decision for the church board

A designated gift policy is one that will guide the church through various types of giving and which should be agreed upon by the Church Board and leadership. While donors may give with various intentions for their gifts, a designated gift policy will allow churches to ensure that they always have the opportunity to spread God’s blessing to the world mission effort. With a properly approved policy on designated giving, a portion of designated gifts may be shared with global interests (5.5% WEF, 2.25% P&B, and 2.25% EDU).

For guidelines in the creation of a designated giving policy, the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability provides excellent resources. Careful review of local initiatives is the best factor for determining this course of action. Examples of gifts and samples of contribution policies are available to download.