Building a Budget

In the Absence of an Allocation

You may find it disorienting to project a church budget and a mission giving goal for the new AY without an allocation. The beta version of the Online Calculator is useful for starting with last year’s numbers – income and Mission Specials – to see what your WEF, P&B, and EDU responsibilities would have been. Access the Online Calculator here.


Often overlooked in the responsibilities of the church board is maintaining the integrity of funds in the church. The Manual describes the duties of the local government:

Paragraph129.23. To appoint an auditing committee that shall audit, at least annually, the financial records of the treasurer of the church, the Nazarene Youth International, the Sunday School Ministries Board, Nazarene childcare/schools (birth through secondary), and any other financial records of the church. The pastor shall have access to all records of the local church.

An annual audit may be conducted internally or utilizing a professional auditing/accounting service. Information about conducting an internal audit can be found in P&B’s Memo #8 – the Annual Church Audit.