Reporting Application

Online Calculator Application

In February, the second component of Funding the Mission's Web site was launched. Now district officers and church leaders can login to the Calculator Application to report and update church income, track support of the World Evangelism and P&B Funds, make electronic contributions and print remittance forms, check recognition status in real-time and see an overview of church finances that were previously unavailable.

District administrators will be contacted by GMC personnel. In turn, they will add local church users to the system. If you are the pastor of your local church or feel someone else in your leadership team (e.g. secretary or NMI president) should have access to the Calculator Application, contact your district office.

Beginning with the 2012 APR, giving records will be captured and auto-filled.

Planning "What If?" Calculator

Because the Calculator Application pulls records from Global Treasury Services' databases, only information for USA districts is available. For districts and churches outside of the USA, a Planning "What If?" Calculator that functions similarly to the Calculator Application has been created.